Create A Business Documentary to Tell Your Story

As marketing shifts more and more from “selling” to “storytelling”, the concept of a business “mini documentary” becomes super effective. Freelance documentary filmmaker and producer Yvonne Drebert joins Mike & Adam to talk about:

-Why a documentary is an effective marketing piece for any sized business

-How technology is making documentary production easier

-Tips to make sure everyone’s happy on a shoot

-Secrets to shooting a high quality documentary on a low budget

-Little elements that make a BIG difference in production value.

-Where a good documentary starts

Yvonne was the writer & producer of A Desert Between Us & Them which both Mike & Adam starred in (Mike is on the cover), and aired on TVO. She’s currently in production for Season 2 of “Striking Balance” on TVO.

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One of Mike's Films Just Won an Award!

We’re talking micro-budget filming with members of the team (including Mike) who created & produced “Life Alarm” - just awarded “Best in Series” at the First Take Shorts Series festival in Pennsylvania. Digging into how filmmakers can maximize team strengths, location use, creativity & resources to put together a high-quality piece on a limited budget. Guests include Joel Schneider (Writer & Producer), Elana Post (Co-director), & Rob Mickles (DOP & Editor).

Grow Business By Giving Away Free Photos

Providing a positive experience for customers is a must for every business. Now...imagine if they had the photos to prove it? That's how Fotaflo is helping grow businesses all over the world - providing customers with FREE photos of their experiences to share online, thus adding some serious rocket sauce to a business' referral marketing. Founder Ryan O'Grady joins Adam & Mike outline his system, and how it helped one business grow by 40% in just 3 months! 

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The Key to Social Media Marketing: Authenticity

If you’re using social media to market your business, keep it real. In this episode, Sherri Barna of Purple Bean Media is our guest to talk about the biggest key to social media video marketing: authenticity. We’ll break down how businesses can be more authentic in their social media content, why small businesses currently have the upper hand against the giants, and what NOT to post on your socials.

This Downtown BIA is ROCKING Video

It’s a challenge many downtown business associations face: how to get people re-engaged with our once bustling historic epicentre? A battle that Peterborough, Ontario is finding ways to win thanks to their strong social media game. In this episode, we talk with Joel Wiebe of the Peterborough Downtown Business Improvement Area to break down how PTBO is getting mega engagement through social media video.

5 Easy Social Media Things to Try in 2019

I never know what to post. I haven’t posted in months. We don't have a dedicated staff member to look after social media. I do Facebook, but not Instagram. I’m WAY TOO SHY to go live…yes, these are the same exact same comments absolutely EVERYONE says about social media. And it's completely understandable from a business perspective: social media is a relatively new marketing avenue, it’s obscure & constantly changing. The awesome news: it's evolving to make it EASIER for your biz to use and reach your audience in ways we've never seen before. Here we have FIVE super easy ideas to uptick your social game (even just a little bit) in the New Year. Heck, make it your resolution, and you're guaranteed NOT TO FAIL!    

Why Video Is Exploding

Social media is ridiculously busy. So, what does it take for a business to actually get noticed online? Adam & Mike break down the keys to a successful social media marketing video, the faults of a crappy one, and the staggering stats from businesses already using a well-crafted marketing video strategy!




How Video Helped This Startup Get MEGA Results

Aaron Gautreau was told he wouldn't make it to age 3 after a rare childhood cancer diagnosis. Now in his 30's, having fought off cancer, amputation, bullying and mental illness, he's a successful broadcaster, advocate for amputees, and motivational speaker. His launch video earned instant conversions and got massive organic reach on social media, and he's here today to talk about how it worked so well for him. Mike's daughter, Kaylee, is also here...cause it's Take Your Kid to Work Day! 

The Power of Positive Politics

Social media and politics can evoke a lot of…nastiness. But harnessing its advantages can leave a MEGA imprint if used like our guest on today’s episode: Amy Martin, newly elected municipal Councillor in Port Dover, ON. A recent campaign of positivity, open conversation and accessibility parlayed her to a landslide victory in her first election. Here, she breaks down her winning social media strategy, and show why positive politics is the platform all candidates should be running on!

Coming Up With a Name & Slogan

A slick business name and memorable slogan is CRUCIAL for leaving an imprint. Coming up with just the right identifier is painstaking...and wicked fun! In this episode we take you through our own business -naming brainstormic volleyball game - incorporating our heritage, fashion sense & outer space. Motley a combo as those may seem, they tell our story.





We quit our careers to do this

A film producer and a radio broadcaster walk into a bar. Er…many of them. Mike & Adam - two longtime friends and professionals from different points of the media spectrum - have now joined talents to help small businesses and non profits boost their social media strategy with mega creative social media marketing videos. Now, we have a podcast!