Grow Business By Giving Away Free Photos

Providing a positive experience for customers is a must for every business. Now...imagine if they had the photos to prove it? That's how Fotaflo is helping grow businesses all over the world - providing customers with FREE photos of their experiences to share online, thus adding some serious rocket sauce to a business' referral marketing. Founder Ryan O'Grady joins Adam & Mike outline his system, and how it helped one business grow by 40% in just 3 months! 

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Coming Up With a Name & Slogan

A slick business name and memorable slogan is CRUCIAL for leaving an imprint. Coming up with just the right identifier is painstaking...and wicked fun! In this episode we take you through our own business -naming brainstormic volleyball game - incorporating our heritage, fashion sense & outer space. Motley a combo as those may seem, they tell our story.